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Melagenina Plus Repigment can safely skin definitely toxic, Melagenina Plus Achieves New reversion in severe cases of vitiligo.

Melagenina Plus Treatment for Vitiligo, USA Official Site, Complete Information Melagenina Plus, Original Melagenina Plus.

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Melagenina Plus for VITILIGO treatment

Melagenina Plus for VITILIGO treatment

Research carried out for more than a decade in the laboratories of Placental Histoterapia Center of Havana, allowed to obtain Melagenina Plus, whose active ingredient comes from the human placenta and is administered to patients in the form of topical lotion once a day, without the requirement of exposing the affected parts to infrared light from the sun or in the first generation of Melagenina Plus, Cuban drug, developed in the 70s, that part of the treatment was really tiring, but essential and yet, reaching and irreversible sustained success in 84% of cases treated with Melagenina Plus.

Melagenina Plus New Generation

New Generation the Melagenina Plus (Melagenina + calcium chloride) is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, pharmaceutical product that has the property of increasing the reproduction of melanocytes as well as accelerate the process of melanin production within it by which is a drug of choice for the treatment of Vitiligo to accelerate the playback of the remaining melanocytes in the edge or inner regions of the patient acronyms.

Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao

Discovered the active principle melagenina plus from human placenta which is capable of definitively repigment toxic skin safely, sees the new Melagenina Plus, elevates the cure rate and at the same time, the simplicity of its implementation naturally prevents fatigue requirements versus Time and anxiety that this causes.


The Melagenina Plus is a product capable of achieving reversal of severe cases of vitiligo because it potentiates the intensity and duration of the stimulating effect of skin pigmentation, typical of the Melagenina when added calcium, essential as an activator of the processes of cell reproduction and synthesis melanin.


Melagenina pluss is applied with the fingertips on the depigmented skin areas every 24 Hrs.


At the start of treatment melagenina plus in 40% of patients achromic arise new areas or increase in size of existing ones. This effect is only temporary and has no value in relation to the prognosis for cure. For the ladies do not wear make up after 45 minutes of being applied lotion. Preferably do not use makeup during treatment. Melagenina plus It supports any type of food or drink, as well as with other drug groups, with the exception of psoralens, corticosteroids and cytostatic, with those expressed antagonism.

Melagenina Plus lacks undesirable side effects, local or systemic.

Vitiligo does not cause disability, or is a contagious disease, nor a fever or pain, but instead, cause deep psychological distress, as the skin is bleached in highly visible locations such as the face, hands, legs, joints and , including the genitals. As old as leprosy Vitiligo appears in the famous Egyptian Ebers papyrus, its victims are heterogeneous: the same for black skinned people white, brown, blondes, brunettes, teens, adults or the elderly, who live in Arab countries or in Central Africa, Greenland and France, Canada or any Latin American country. It does not matter if you live in a nation rich or poor, in dry or wet areas, or that the individual is male or female. Obviously, the distribution of Vitiligo in the world is dramatically fair, and 1% of humanity suffer evil.

Vitiligo does not kill … but can annihilate who suffer mentally, it seems irreversible, Melagenina plus but this year, hope for definitive cure is a reality.

Do not risk your health, avoid buying products of dubious origin ….

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